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AQHA Member Benefits

Our membership site walks you through all the benefits you receive through your AQHA membership.

In today's economy, AQHA members are making great efforts to spend their money wisely.

Many of you have made sacrifices: You're carefully selecting the horse shows and trail rides closest to home. You're holding off on that new saddle you want. You're packing your lunches and banding your own manes.

AQHA understands that your pocketbooks are being strained, so our membership site is dedicated to helping our members understand the dozens of ways they can save money.

AQHA membership is a wise investment, and our membership website shows you why:

    • Get exclusive deals on financial products and insurance from Markel and Nationwide.
    • Get discounts on AQHA business, such as transfers and genetic testing.
    • Receive $10 in records research each month, including pedigrees.
    • Gain access to all of AQHA's great programs, like shows, the Horseback Riding Program, trail rides and trail conservation.
    • Get the award-winning America's Horse magazine 10 times a year, plus access to the digital edition.

Check out our membership site dedicated to helping you save money and enjoy your Quarter Horses to the fullest.

We think you'll be pleasantly surprised at the savings you'll find.