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AQHA End-of-the-Year Deadlines

Don't let these deadlines sneak up on you.

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The end of yet another year is closing in, and everyone is in a mad rush to meet deadlines and complete paperwork. In the midst of holiday travels, those deadlines can be hard to keep track of! Read below to see a few of the most common year-end deadlines and a few others that are coming up.

Horseback Riding Program Hours
Horseback Riding Program hours are due on December 31. Horseback Riding hours can be submitted online, by fax or mail. If you are mailing your hours to AQHA, a postmark is acceptable to meet the deadline.  The rider must be logged into AQHA Member Services with his/her username and password to file online; additionally the online account must have the membership ID and PIN linked to submit hours online.  Contact Us if you need your PIN.

The deadline for 
American Quarter Horse Foundation scholarship applications is December 1. The Foundation scholarship program has provided more than $6.3 million in financial assistance to more than 1,100 American Quarter Horse Youth Association members since its inception in 1976!

Rule-Change Proposals
AQHA is an organization that works for its members. That means members have the chance to make a difference and submit items to be considered by AQHA standing committees March 8-11 at the 
2019 AQHA Convention in Fort Worth, Texas.  AQHA members have until December 31 to submit rule-change proposals.

Stallion Breeding Reports

Like Incentive Fund nominations, stallion breeding reports are due November 30. Your stallion breeding report can be submitted by mail, fax, email or online. AQHA will accept a postmark for stallion breeding reports. We will also accept a fax, email or online submission that is completed before midnight. For more information, read my post about stallion breeding reports.

Foal Registration
If you have a spring foal, it's probably time to get the paperwork ready to submit to AQHA to receive the cheapest fee schedule for the foal. The first age deadline for foals is at 7 months from the day of birth. If you had a foal born in May, the fee will go up on the 7-month birthday in December. June foals are due in January. You can mail or fax your registration applications to AQHA even if you are missing information. AQHA locks in the registration fee from the time the application is received, and the fee won't change, no matter how long it takes to complete the process.

Don't forget to 
renew your membership! AQHA members receive hundreds of dollars in AQHA corporate partner discounts every year, plus other perks of membership, like America's Horse magazine and eligibility to show in AQHA eventsJoin or renew today.

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AQHA year-end deadlines