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Hall of Fame Nominations

Learn how to nominate a horse or person to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame.

If you've ever had the pleasure of stopping by AQHA Headquarters in Amarillo and visiting our gorgeous American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame & Museum, then you've realized the majesty and awe of walking among legends.

From prolific horses like Three Bars (TB) and Poco Bueno to industry leaders like Scoop Vessels and Carol Rose, the stories of the best of the best are alive within the walls of our Hall of Fame. I consider it a treat spending time at the Hall of Fame, perusing the artifacts, photos and records of each Hall of Fame inductee. (In case you didn't know, AQHA members get in FREE, so make sure Amarillo is on your must-see travel list!)

Induction into the Hall of Fame is one of the highest honors bestowed by the American Quarter Horse Association. Have you ever wondered how these individuals were chosen?

Anyone can nominate a person or horse to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame. Here's how:

Nominating a Horse or Person to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame

  1. Download and complete a nomination form
  2. Download and complete a human biographical form or a horse biographical form
    1. Compile biographical materials pertaining to your nominee:

        • Articles from The American Quarter Horse Journal, Q-Racing Journal, America's Horse or other publications

        • Reference letters from people who know/knew the nominee

        • Personal testament from the person preparing the nomination

  1. Return nomination forms and biographical material by December 1 to Tammy Garrison at AQHA, 1600 Quarter Horse Drive, Amarillo, TX 79104.

AQHA receives many nominations each year, so it's important to provide as much pertinent information as possible in your nomination packet.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I nominate myself? There is no rule against nominating yourself
    • Does the person need to be deceased? No.
    • What kinds of accomplishments does the person need to have? Nominees need to have been outstanding breeders, competitors or contributors to the American Quarter Horse.
    • Does the person have to be an AQHA member? He/she should have been an AQHA member during the time of his/her accomplishments.
    • Can an owner nominate his/her horse? Yes.
    • Does the horse need to be deceased? Yes.
    • What kinds of accomplishments does the horse need to have? Nominees should be outstanding sires, dams, competitors or must have brought exceptional visibility to the American Quarter Horse.
    • Does the horse have to be a registered American Quarter Horse? The nominee can be either an American Quarter Horse or Thoroughbred.
    • Do I need to fill out the biographical form? Yes.
    • When are nominations due? Nominations are due December 1 for consideration for the following year. For example, nominations received by December 1, 2016, will be reviewed in 2017 for induction in 2018.
    • When are inductees recognized? New Hall of Fame inductees are recognized each March at the AQHA Convention and at a special party each summer at the Hall of Fame & Museum in Amarillo.

Good luck nominating a special horse or person to the American Quarter Horse Hall of Fame! If you have any questions about the nomination process, please contact Tammy Garrison at 806-378-4316.