Barn-Inspired Holiday Home Decor

Try these barn-inspired decor ideas to spruce up your home for the holidays.

Barn-inspired decor can add a rustic touch to your home for the holidays. Photo: Taylor Hanes.

There is plenty of holiday decor inspiration right outside! Turn to these barn-inspired ideas to decorate your home for the holidays. From Thanksgiving to Christmas, you are sure to find something that speaks to you, and gives you some imaginative power to get creative this holiday season.

  1. Set the stage

Wagon wheels and wreaths make beautiful fall and winter decor. Set them up on the porch, hanging on the front door or in the back yard. Regardless, they add a rustic touch to your home. For an added touch, add some twinkle lights!


  1. Recycled barn wood

Using barn wood could be one of your most genius ideas yet! Recycleold wood panels to make beautiful decor for your home. If you need something simple, try a sign for your front porch. Or, skip the pine needles and opt for a barn wood Christmas tree!


  1. Straw bales

A popular addition at western-chic weddings and tractor rides, Straw bales make the perfect fall decor item. They can serve as a seating area in your backyard or as a stage for the rest of your fall goodies on the front porch. Add some pumpkins, and voila! A perfect fall set-up.

  1. Bring the barn inside

Mount a mini barn on your mantle, and bring the horses inside! It adds just a touch of rustic flavor to your western-chic decor. Garnish with stockings and Christmas wreaths for the finishing touch.

  1. Repurpose your riding apparel

When you’re going for a barn-inspired look, what better way to mimic the atmosphere than using your boots as a focal point? Equestrian boots make beautiful decor and hold a special place in your heart. Decorate them with twinkle lights and holiday accents for the perfect dose of horse-love in your home no matter the season.

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