10 Reasons Your Horse is Your Valentine

There’s no truer love than that between you and your American Quarter Horse.

Sometimes it feels like your American Quarter Horse's heart and your own beat as one. Credit: Two Red Dogs Photography

Valentine’s Day is a touchy day for some people. If you don’t have a significant other, it can be like rubbing salt in an open wound. And even if you do have a significant other, being mushy and getting showered with gifts may not be your thing.

If you relate with these statements, you will probably agree with these reasons why having your horse as your Valentine is the best way to go.

  1. He’s always there for you. Complete with an attitude or not, your horse is always there when you need him. You can always depend on him to cheer you up with a good, furry hug or a day in the arena.
  2. You’ve grown together. No matter how long you’ve been with your horse, you’ve learned things together. Whether it be learning a new discipline or that he is not a fan of plastic bags, these are all valuable lessons in the grand scheme.
  3. He makes you laugh. All of us who own horses know how much these creatures make us laugh. Most people look for a sense of humor in a significant other, so look no further when you have what you need in the barn.
  4. You’ve become a more responsible person because of him. Being responsible for another life is a big undertaking, and your horse has helped develop you into the amazing horse-owner that you are. All of the days at the barn are worth it, but you already knew that.
  5. He’s taught you to dust off and try again. There’s no use in pointing fingers – either you didn’t tell him right or he didn’t understand. What really counts is that you got back out there and tried again. Sometimes in life, there will be things that knock you down. The best thing you can do is prove to yourself that you can get back on and try harder.
  6. Your dreams are bigger, because with a Quarter Horse beneath you, anything is possible. Not only has your horse taught you to try harder and aim higher, but he’s taught you that you can.
  7. He’s so handsome. This one explains itself. You know your horse is the most beautiful horse in the world, what more could you ask for?
  8. He needs you. Regardless of how independent you are, it’s nice to feel needed. Your horse depends on you, just like you depend on him.
  9. You work just as hard for him as he does for you. You’ve gained a new appreciation for the term “hard work” since owning a horse. Scooping poop, cleaning waters, picking hooves… all in a day’s work. But it doesn’t exactly feel like that, though, because you love what you do.
  10. He taught you what true love is. He might not get it right every time, but he sure loves you. And you love him, too. At the end of the day, he knows, #YouHoldMyHeart.

Your horse is your valentine for all of these reasons and more. Tell us why you love your horse on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with #YouHoldMyHeart!