10 Hacks for Spring Cleaning Your Barn

Whether we like it or not, cleaning has to be done. Here are a few tips to make it easier.

Cleaning your barn for the spring doesn't have to be a difficult and long process. Journal photo

Winter tends to get the best of us, and we get lax about keeping our barn (and house) clean. It’s cold, snowy for some, and we just don’t feel like picking up after ourselves before we go get warm in front of the fire.

Fear not, you aren’t alone if this applies to you. We compiled a few tips for cleaning out your barn when the days get longer and the weather gets warmer.

1. Put the blankets away. Keeping sheets out is fine, they are easy to store since they aren’t as big. Blankets on the other hand are too bulky to keep out when it gets warmer. Getting plastic bins to put the blankets away for safekeeping will free up a lot of space and welcome the true feeling of spring.


2. Use trash cans for something other than trash. Keeping feed in anything other than a large trash can or garbage bin just doesn’t seem right. They are large, durable, and makes it easier to get in and get the horses fed.

3. Clean your horses. Most horses grow long, thick hair during the winter (if they aren’t kept under lights and blankets in the barn). It will help to keep the barn cleaner if your horses aren’t shedding their hair while you’re trying to sweep. Take them outside and use something like a grooming glove to quickly rub them down and get as much hair off as possible.

4. Keep your tools together. Rakes, brooms, shovels, etc. should all be kept together for convenience sake. Hanging them all on the wall to keep them off the floor will free up walking space, and make sure if you need them you know where they are.


5. Deep clean the stalls. If you keep your horses in the barn for majority of winter, it’s probably a good idea to deep clean them when spring arrives. When it’s warm enough for the horses to stay outside, clean all the shavings and wash the stalls out completely to let your pals have a fresh place to sleep in the spring. First, scrub the walls with warm, soapy water. Allow the surface to dry, then follow up with a disinfectant, like bleach at a ratio of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water.

6. Clean water troughs and buckets. Although this is something that should be done in winter as well, the cold can alter your motivation. Just making sure your horse’s have nice, clean water when the weather gets warmer is important. Dump the water out, and scrub the inside and finally disinfect with a solution of bleach and water.

7. Get organized. If you are a collector of boots for your horses, they can easily start taking over your barn. Shoe organizers that you can buy in stores are an easy fix for this. Hang one up inside your tack room (barn or trailer) and keep your boot collection nice and tidy.


8. Keep your hoses under control. Having a bin for your water hose to live in, or having a contraption that rolls it up for you would make your life easier. If your hoses are all over the place, you can trip over them or they can be damaged.

9. Rack your saddles. If you want to free up space and keep your saddles in tip top shape, saddle racks are the way to go. Building your own that holds multiple saddles at once, or just have a single saddle rack can make your barn feel much less cluttered.

10. Clean during the winter. I know it’s hard. When it’s cold, no one wants to sweep or clean stalls. But, if you keep somewhat of a routine during the winter your spring cleaning adventures will be much less arduous.