The Best Quotes from ‘Down the Fence’

Grab the tissues. These movie quotes speak right to the heart of every horse lover.

(Credit: screenshot from "Down the Fence" trailer)

A longtime reined cow horse competitor myself, I couldn’t be more happy with the much-anticipated “Down the Fence” documentary, produced by Lori Adamski Peek and MJ Isakson. (Translation: I’m obsessed. See “Equine Stars of ‘Down the Fence.’ ”)

There are many reasons that “Down the Fence” has my heart: the gorgeous cinematography and score, how it captures the camaraderie of the reined cow horse community – as Chris Dawson says, “It’s a big family.” What I love most, though, is how perfectly it conveys the beauty, talent, versatility and spirit of the equine athletes.

These quotes resonated with me the most. (And by resonate, I mean “made me cry.”) 

  1. “Horses reach into your soul, pull out the good and heal what isn’t.” ~Sandy Collier
  1. “To me, a horse means everything to my life. They’re my will to want to keep going.” ~Doug Williamson
  1. “A horse makes you more powerful. When you are together, it doesn’t feel like there’s anything you can’t conquer.” ~Russell Dilday 
  1. “It’s the desire that’s in them to just be with us. They could buck us off and run off with us every day, but instead they want to go to work. That’s pretty special. There aren’t many other animals that do that.” ~Nick Dowers
  1. “You’ve got to develop the heart. You’ve got to develop the try in them. You’ve got to develop being able to read a cow.” ~Doug Williamson 
  1. “Horses want to try for you. They just have the biggest heart.” ~Lyle Lovett 
  1. “If a horse trainer thinks about what’s best for the horse, he’s a horseman. If he thinks about what’s best for him, he’s not a great horseman. The horse should be first.” ~Don Murphy
  1. "When you have a bond with a horse, it's like nothing else." ~Christina Allen

And a bonus, because I love Lyn Anderson, and if you’ve ever taken a cow down the fence, you know this to be true:

“In reined cow horse, everybody has been made a fool of by a cow. It keeps you humble because you can’t get a big head in this.” ~Lyn Anderson

If you have not yet seen "Down the Fence," there are plenty of ways to watch, including via DVD, Netflix, Amazon Instant Video and iTunes. Learn more at

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