Pedigree Research and Breeding Tips

Five Tips for Buying Your Next Horse

Purchasing a horse can be a positive experience if you follow these easy steps.

Doing your research and being realistic about the type of horse you need will help you find your perfect match when horse shopping!

Shopping for a new horse can be one of the most exciting and frustrating experiences for a mare owner. The possibilities seem limitless when you set out on your search, but buyers often burn out after searching through hundreds of potential prospects.

Use these five tips from Robin Glenn Pedigrees ( to make sure you have a positive experience when horse shopping:

  1. Before you start shopping for your next horse, define your budget and goals. Be realistic about what you want and need in your next horse. Are you looking to start showing, try a new discipline or will this be your first horse to help you build your skills and confidence? Do you need a flashy young prospect or an older mount to show you the ropes?
  2. Do your research. With social media and the internet, you can look at hundreds of horses with the touch of a button. Research the seller and use Robin Glenn Pedigrees’ Performance Report to look up the horse’s earnings and show record.
  3. Try the horse before you purchase it. This might seem like common sense, but make sure you give yourself the chance to really evaluate the horse before buying and ensure it’s a “fit” for you. Bring along an experienced second set of eyes to give you an outside perspective while you ride or work with the horse.
  4. You can learn a lot from a horse’s pedigree. Use Robin Glenn Pedigrees’ Dam’s Produce Report and Sire Report to learn about your prospect’s bloodlines. These reports will tell you if your horse has any siblings earning money or points. This can help you get a good idea if the horse will be a good fit to help you meet your goals.
  5. If you like the horse you tried, don’t forget to get your veterinarian to do a pre-purchase exam. The vet will do an overall health examination of the horse so you will have a better idea of what care your future horse will need.

Robin Glenn Pedigrees, an AQHA subsidiary, has the largest database in the world containing performance records and earnings on more than 325,000 horses. RGP offers a variety of reports and products to help the busy horse owner or professional learn more about their horses and make educated breeding, buying and selling decisions. Go to to try it today!