The AQHA Intern Experience

Why Are YOU AQHA Proud?

AQHA’s fall 2014 publications intern shares why she is AQHA Proud.

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I decided to do some soul-searching and share why I'm AQHA Proud, too.

Being AQHA Proud isn’t something easily put into words. It’s not something you can describe in a logical way; it’s just a feeling that envelopes you whole. You can’t explain specific reasons why you feel that way – you just do. In the words of Winnie the Pooh when asked how to spell love, “You don’t spell it ... you feel it.”

Still, I want to at least try to describe what makes me AQHA Proud.

First of all, look at how beautiful and versatile our American Quarter Horses are. This breed can do any discipline -- from eventing to barrel racing -- and do it well. I am proud that I am able to own, ride and love Quarter Horses. If you think about how many people are in the world, enjoying Quarter Horses is a privilege that the vast majority does not have.

Secondly, I’m proud that our beloved Quarter Horse has not only proven himself in North America but also in countries all over the world and is still growing in popularity. Last year, the AQHA World Championship Show even saw its first Chinese exhibitor. I anticipate even more countries being represented at the World Show through the years as the Quarter Horse continues to spread through the nations.

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I’m also proud of all of the opportunities that AQHA provides for its members. As a rider, I was given the opportunity at age 12 to discover the wonderful hobby of horseback riding on the back of a big, yellow Quarter Horse whose barn name was "Pete." As an exhibitor, AQHA gave me the opportunity to compete in hundreds of horse shows throughout eight years and make many lifelong friends along the way. And now, as a student who will be graduating from college at the end of next year, AQHA is giving me the opportunity to get real career experience as an intern here at AQHA Headquarters in Amarillo.

Finally, I’m proud that, as the publications intern at AQHA, I get to have a role in helping give these same opportunities to other people just like me.

I am #AQHAproud.