AQHA Internship FAQs

Frequently asked questions about AQHA's internships.

Are the AQHA internships paid?

Yes. The pay comes out to about $1,900 per month. AQHA reimburses for any work-related travel expenses. We do not provide a travel allowance for your move to Amarillo.

What do I do if I’m interested in an AQHA internship?

Send your error-free resume, cover letter, personal essay and writing samples by the posted deadline of the internship in which you are interested.

What’s a personal essay?

It’s your life story in less than 1,000 words.

What if I don’t have any writing samples?

Then your personal essay will suffice. Stories and news releases written for class assignments will work. We encourage students to gain experience by working for publications such as the school newspaper, hometown newspaper, etc.

What is the AQHA intern selection process?

  1. Once the deadline for resume submission has passed, we will narrow the applicants to the top three to five, whom we will interview by telephone or video chat.
  2. Once the interview process is complete, we will select an applicant for the position.
  3. You will be notified by telephone, e-mail or letter as to whether or not you have been offered the internship.

How do I prepare for a phone/video interview with AQHA's intern selection committee?

Among other things, be ready to answer questions about your writing and equine backgrounds and be familiar with AQHA and its publications and media outlets. In most cases, you can find our publications at public or university libraries.

What’s expected of an AQHA intern?

Generally, you are expected to work from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Amarillo, Monday through Friday. You might be asked to travel to AQHA events, and you might be asked to work overtime on occasions. A heavy workload is demanded of AQHA interns, so we expect a willing attitude and your best effort in all of your projects.

What should I bring with me to Amarillo?

You'll need reliable transportation and a smart phone. We'll give you suggestions for office attire. Clean boots and jeans are acceptable every day. Amarillo weather can be tricky, so jackets are wise. Office supplies and computer/equipment are provided by AQHA.

If I’m not selected for an internship, can I reapply for another semester?


If I am selected for an AQHA internship, can I apply again for a second semester?

No. We would like to give everyone an opportunity to take part in our internships.

What are AQHA’s work hours?

Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Work hours are significantly longer if you work at an AQHA-related event, such as the AQHA World Championship Show.

Where does the intern live while working at AQHA?

Housing is the responsibility of the intern. However, we will send you an apartment guide. There are several apartment complexes in Amarillo that offer short-term leases. It's helpful for the intern to have reliable Internet service should you need to take work home.

Is the intern required to pay for AQHA-related travel?

No. All business travel is paid for by the Association. But you are responsible for providing your own transportation.

What should I, as an AQHA intern, bring to the table?

First and foremost, a willingness to learn. Our interns' managers provide constructive criticism to help you become a better worker. Approach the internship as a learning experience. Although staff members will help you as much as you need, no one will be holding your hand. We need you to be a self-starter with lots of initiative. A solid foundation in the basics of journalism, communications and marketing is also important. Know the AP Stylebook; know the rules of grammar; and know how to conduct a professional, courteous interview. And finally, know your subject matter. If you’re familiar with the Quarter Horse industry – and the AQHA publications and web properties – you’ll be way ahead. 

OK, I’m all prepared. Now, what should I expect to get out of my AQHA internship? 
Consider this your foot in the door to the equine publishing and/or marketing industry. Some of our interns have gone on to internships with other horse organizations, while others have found jobs within AQHA or other associations such as the American Association of Equine Practitioners. You’ll have the chance to make contacts at AQHA and elsewhere in the industry. And you’ll be building a portfolio of clips that should help you no matter what your next step will be. AQHA is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of leaders, and we hope that includes you!